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You’re about to embark on a journey of discovery, where you’ll learn new skills and challenge yourself every single day. Take a look at all the relevant details about my class and if you have any questions, get in touch.

Business English

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Most students who can speak basic English struggle when confronted with formal English. Business English is necessary in the professional world. The manner of speaking, the protocol when responding via email and how you address concerns are all a part of Business English.  Native speakers of English also have difficulty using professional English. I teach Business English using my experience in the business world and training from numerous workshops as a teacher. 

Reviewing for the Exam
Male Teacher with Students
Female Teacher and Student

Language Assessment Level

Knowing what your level of English is, gives you a begining point towards becoming more proficient in English. There are a number of tests that I conduct to assess your English level, which in turn helps me construct lessons. 


Tests are a great measure to  see how the student is progressing. It shows where the deficiencies are, the strong points of the student and provides a roadmap for future lessons. No one likes tests but without them, a full assessment of your knowledge can't be measured. 

Certificate of Achievement

Upon completion of all units in the syllabus, the student will be given a certificate of achievement. This certificate is a testament to the hard work and dedication necessary to master Business English. This is not just a grammar course...students will be given real life situations where they will formulate solutions.

Class Syllabus

Business people have a different way of speaking. English is a living language and evolves daily. There are many aspects to language. Speech, gestures, tone and speed. Students will be exposed to Euphemisms, Idioms, collocations, commonly mispronounced words and much more.

Under Construction

Plans & Prices

Our Offers

€37 per hour


For private lessons students receive in person instruction; In addition they also get worksheets, a list of websites where they can practice what they learn and assistance via email or video chat.

€13 per student


From 3  to 7 students the price is €13 per student.


Company Rate

40 hours of instructions at the company's location. Mileage costs are .29 eurocent per kilometer. Maximum travel is 100 kilometers.

Document Translations


Exceed Your Expectations

Private Tutoring

Private Lessons

Students can receive private lessons with the teacher. The location will be at the student's home and or another location as determined by the student. After meeting with the student, an assessment will be done. Based on this assessment, the course objectives will be formulated.  The student will be given a syllabus outlining the course goals, a list of the objectives and the requirements necessary to complete the course successfully.

One-On-One Tutoring

Online Course

This course can be taught online also. The student must have the following: a computer with webcam, high speed internet and a quiet location. One meeting must be in person, where the student is assessed. All other requirements apply as indicated.

Company Trainings

Companies can contract for their employees to receive Business English lessons. The training would be conducted on site and during or after business hours . 


I can also translate documents from Nederlands to English. For prices please contact me via email.


Learn Something New

Hello, my name is Dwight Smith and I am an American living in Belgium. After moving here I decided to teach again. My credentials are; Bachelor of Arts in Sociology 2003, Special Education Teacher 2005- 2008, Independent Contractor teaching advanced English at Syntra 2013 - present. I love what I do and want to help you realize your potential.

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